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What type of batteries are used in a Seabob?

Old SEABOB Modells (5.12 - F7) contained high wquality LI-ION SAFT Batteries.

They come in big size, so that a old type SEABOB accumulator only contained 10 - 14 cells.

Those cells are also used in millitary and space Technology appliancies. They have very good charataristics and a very Long life time.


New SEABOB modells (apprpx. from 2013 F5,F5s, F5SR) use the standard industry cell 18650 from well known Brands like Samsung and Sanyo.

Advantage of this cell type is a better price due to mass production. 18650 is the cell that is constantly improoving in Performance / capacity because this cell is widly used in high tech industy.

CAYAGO is constantly improoving the Performance of the Seabobs by selecting the best available battary cells.

The best cell is not always the most expensive or the one with the higest capacity!

A SEABOB battary cell must have a long life time, Long shelf life, reasonable price, constantly the same good Quality and reliabillity, best charactaristics for Performance and quick charging.

The best Balance of all factors is German engeneering!   

Is a Seabob enviromental friendly?

Yes of Course!

A SEABOB emitts only heat and a bit of running noise. Old type Seabobs were even almost noiseless!

A SEABOB will not harm marine Fauna & Flora, because the Propulsion is a relatively low powered Jet drive.

Fish will simply ignore the SEABOB or are attracted to it (Dolfins).

Running into corals could be a Problem, but considering the high value and precious varnish of a SEABOB it is unlikely that a SEABOB owner would risk a damage on the espensive toy! Manuverability of a SEABOB is very accurate and stopping distance very short. It is almost impossible to harm something without harming the Driver as well.



Is a Seabob safe?

A SEABOB is compared to other ater toys relativly low powered.

The max Speed is approx. 22 km/h. light persons / Kids can get in gliding mode and exeed this speed considerably!

Due to the limited power and relatively low speed the danger of getting seriously hurt is much lower than on a Jet Ski with 300 HP!

However, it must be understood that water Sport in General involves the risk of drownding! Hiting something under water is the biggest risk.

In our experience if a SEABOB is used in a traffic free area there is nothing to hit under water except another SEABOB. 

In the Manual there are Basic safety ruels that should be followed.

Minimum age for a Driver is also stated in the Manual. In our experience a Driver must be as tal as a SEABOB to be able to control it.

Otherwise it depends more on the character and water Sport experience of the Person than age.

A SEABOB has an integrated depth sensor. It will stop engne after 2.5 - 3 m are reached.

A SEABOB floats (approx. 8 KG psoitive buoyancy). If it stops under water it starts to accent on ist own.

To summ it up, a SEABOB is not dangerous if you use it with given care.

Even if "out of control" the possible damage a SEABOB can do is limited by it's low power and rubber nose.   

Why is a Seabob so expensive?

A SEABOB must resist UV light, 40 m water pressure, and slat water. For that reason only the higest quality parts are used for production.

Also a high quality control in purchase and production departmens result in high costs.

Developing the SEABOB required a high Investments in numerous Trials and development capacities.


Most parts are from German companies.

A world wide distribution and service network is backing this quality product with warranty.      



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Where can I buy a Seabob?

THere are numerous places where you can purchase a SEABOB.

The most obvious is directely from CAYAGO in Germany!


  • You can order your SEABOB and can be sure to be supplied directely from the manufacturer.
  • You will be served in several languages
  • Your advance payment will not be used for other purposes besides producing your SEABOB
  • You don't have to purchase with a local dealer that may offers overpriced or outdated products.


  • CAYAGO is situated in Germany. The sales personal is trained for sales and not neccessaraly experienced water Sport specialists.
  • CAYAGO will never offer a confirmed shipping date!
  • CAYAGO's internal precesses are precise but slow. Nothing will happen untill payment has been confirmed. Production and Logistiks are also rather slow. Usualy prospects are advised that delivery may take up to 6 weeks.
  • Sales personal always will follow CAYAGO istructions  and will only  share official Information.
  • In case of warranty or repair any Service Partner will serve you, however to establish contact with a local dealer is especialy on Islands and remote Locations the smarter choice.
  • CAYAGO is not offering sales from stock, because official Resellers and cooperation Partners are usualy first in lane.
  • CAYAGO will not offer any Discounts!

You can purchase your SEABOB where you like!

Your local dealer or a dealer that you trust will be the best choice! Try to find a dealer that has SEABOB in stock with confirmed delivery time!

Find out if you are purchasing frpm an offícial Reseller or just some shop that offers to order SEABOB for you.

Confirmed delivery time is waht makes the diference!

A skilled SEABOB dealer can estimate delivery time, depending on CAYAGO Information, eperience, and Overall demand!