Seabob short time rental

From 150€ you can simly rent a Seabob at our headquarters in Cala Ratjada and use it in our area in prestine locations. Even more simple and cheaper you can attend our guided Seabob Action offers in Cala Ratjada

Seabob daly rental

Seabob F5s rental at 400€ for the first day, including delivery & pick up.Each consecutive day costs 250€. We need a deposit of 500€ and proper identification. You can pay by credid card or cash

Seabob longterm rental

SEABOB F5s longterm renatal starts at 1500€/week. A 7000€ deposit is neccessary by bank transfer, credid card, or as cash deposit. commercial use is not permitted (must be requested)

Seabob Quick Charger rental

A Seabob Quick Charger will enable you to use a Seabob approx. 5 time per day, however for regular dayly use (day trip with a yacht/afternoon at the beach) you don't need a quick charger! 3 Persons can use a Seabob one afternoon without having to charge. If you are more than 3 persons and plan exessive usage a quick charger comes in handy. You need a regular power socket that provides 1500W. On board you need a minimum 2 K power plant. Commercial use or renting to others is strictly forbidden! '